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Together We Thrive

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Heal as One, Thrive as Many!

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Heal As One Thrive As Many!

Woman Heal Together
Your Healing In Community Together We Thrive
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Welcome to

Woman Heal, Together

Supporting Women's Healing Journeys

& Community Building

At RePioneering Church we are rethinking Spirituality for a healing world.

At Woman Heal, Together, we're on a mission to empower women to embrace their healing journey, connect with others, and ignite positive change in their lives and communities."

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It's Personal

Woman Heal, Together

Our Healing is Personal

My healing is my responsibility. I make the choice of when to heal. How fast. How deep. And THAT is personal.

Embarking on your individual healing journey is a powerful commitment. At Woman Heal, Together, we believe that your journey becomes even more transformative when supported by a community of women. Together, we uplift, inspire, and empower one another, creating a nurturing environment for personal growth and healing.

Spirituality for a Healing World

Personal Healing Commitment

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Supportive Community

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Freedom to Live Life Fully

Not Your Typical “Church”

We are RePioneering Church

Global Community

We’re a global community dedicated to redefining the meaning of church.

Personal Purpose

Everyone has a personal purpose. We’re here to help individuals discover and live that purpose with the least resistance.


Our sanctuary is the human spirit. We deserve the opportunity to grow and thrive in our current existence.


We gather as a network of people committed to healing, discovery and mutual support.





Why Heal Together?

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Woman Heal, Together offers transformative Healing Vacation Retreats at the International Welcome Center @ the River, nestled in the river basin community of Cuenca, Ecuador

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These retreats are designed for women who've embarked on their healing journey and seek both to deepen that work and experience the power of togetherness.

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Our retreats focus on learning and harnessing the power of our Social Tech tools for healing.

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Our retreats offer an all-inclusive experience of rest, revitalization and healing.

2024 Retreat Focus Areas

We cater to different experiences and backgrounds with three distinct women-centered retreats:

Woman Heal, Together

A multicultural, intergenerational retreat centering women and their healing journey.

Black Woman, Heal Together

Focused on the unique healing journey of black women (ages 30-70).

Gangsta Grannies Global

Empowering grandmothers and women (ages 50 and older) to heal and lead.

Value Added Opportunities

Participants have the option to upgrade their journey to our Village Builder Vacation Retreat which includes a discounted second week of training. This additional training includes three certifications.

Certifications Offered:

Certifications for Personal Growth: Our retreats offer more than just healing. Participants can earn three valuable certifications. These certifications empower individuals to make a difference in their communities. Certifications offered:

    • "Peer/Social First Responders Coach
    • Survival Basics: 6 Ways Not To Die (Basic Crisis Survival Skills)
    • Off-grid Solar Building (certification in collaboration with Kerawa Works)

Scholarships are currently available.

Woman Heal, Together

Village Builder Toolbox

Retreat 2024

Together we can do more.

Our Village Builder Healing Vacation Retreat is an investment in the tools critical to building a new future, a sustainable future for the community.

RePioneering Church and Kerawa Works decided to join together to offer women our Woman Heal, Together Village Builder Toolbox Vacation Retreats in 2024.

We want women leaders to have the opportunity to learn and practice using tools for healing and rebuilding the community. This collaboration pairs our weeklong Healing Vacation Retreat with a second week that includes our Six Ways Not to Die (6WNTD) crisis preparation training and Kerawa Village and Sensor3's Off-Grid Solar Workshop.

These two Hands-On Weeklong Training Opportunity gives women the instruction and the practical experience so that they return home better prepared for the work of rebuilding the community, especially in times of crisis. This is a 2-week investment in restorative anticipatory preparedness.

Heal As One Thrive As Many!

A 2-Week Village Builder Toolbox Vacation Retreat 2024

Woman Heal, Together

held at the International Welcome Center @ The River in Cuenca Ecuador

Healing Vacation Retreat (Village Builder 101)

is an all-inclusive (in-country transportation, lodging, meals, and excursions included)

$2,500/person/week (special pricing for families and groups)

Six Ways Not To Die (6WNTD) & Off-Grid Solar Workshop (Village Builder 102)

In a collaborative partnership between RePioneering Church and Kerawa Works we offer an all-inclusive hands-on training week where participants will learn a variety of solutions for shelter, water filtration and purification, heating/cooling, cooking, solar power, and other essential tools for crisis community building


Heal As One Thrive As Many!

Heal As One Thrive As Many!

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